Item Code : APA-003-008


APA-003 : 3 mtr diameter…….12 handle APA-004 : 4 mtr diameter……12 handle APA-005 : 5 mtr diameter……14 handle APA-006: 6 mtr diameter….…16 handle APA-007 : 7 mtr diameter……20 handle APA-008 : 8mtr diameter…….24 handle Made of heavy duty nylon fabric with handles

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Parachutes are designed to slow the movement of an object or personal as it falls through the air ; they were initially used by the aviation industry for rescue purposes and in the military for troop deployment. Today, parachuting has become a popular recreational activity, and horizontal parachutes are employed to slow fixing with aircraft and drag racing cars. These are activities where there is no place for error.