All Purpose Fitness Tube

Item Code : AT-119L | AT-199M | AT-199H


(a) New design allows training with 1 hand. (b) Can be attached to a pole with a snap lock on one side. (c) 56” long rubber tube. (d) Comes in 3 different resistances. (e) Light, Medium and Heavy.

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Resistance bands are extremely versatile, great for crossfit training, yoga, pilates beach body, physical  therapy, strengthening, toning upper and lower body you can also isolate and target glutes, legs, hips and knees.


The All Purpose Fitness Tube are made from premium quality natural latex for maximums strength and resistance. They have soft foam D-handles on single side, pre-attached, for continued comfort during repetitive movements.

This means easier resistance tube training for both men and women alike! They are lightweight, easy to carry and great for home, gym and travel.