Agility Hurdle Cones Sets with Poles

Item Code : AC-015 – 15” High | AC-018 – 18” High


(a) Holes on side of cones to take in poles. (b) Adjustment of height possible. (c) Available in 15” & 18” (d) Poles (AC-010) PVC Poles 30”x1.” (e) One set consists of 2 cones & 1 pole.

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This heavy duty football training equipment is incredibly versatile for a broad range of ages and sports; Bright colors provide high visibility to use these agility cones and poles for physical therapy, recreational use, fitness and soccer training.
Constructed of heavy-duty plastic to ensure durability and longevity.


Use this set for obstacle courses for kids and adults training courses for dogs; This set features long poles that twist together and fit easily into the holded sport cones so that you can quickly set up the speed hurdles; then easily fit together inside of the compact get out! Bag for hassle free transportation and storage.