Eco Hurdle

Item Code : AH-106 – 6” | AH-109 – 9” | AH-112 – 12" | A


(a) Made of 19mm PVC Tube. (b) Available in 6”, 9”, 12” & 18”.

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Step Hurdle Eco is made from high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material which helps to maintain elasticity and toughness due to which the hurdles stay strong and do not break easily. Step hurdles are great for athletes to enhance agility, speed, and coordination, build stamina and power and improve overall athletic performance. They are ideal for sports training drills in almost every sport including football, soccer, track and field, basketball, Tennis, lacrosse, field hockey and more.

Made with safety at the forefront of their design, these speed hurdles features a one-sided curve which ensures they will always tip forwards when accidently struck. The strong aspect of safety is continued into the materials the hurdles are manufactured on.