Flat Hurdle

Item Code : AH-223/4/5


(a) Superior one piece twist design. (b) Speed, agility & plyometric hurdle. (c) Light weight bounce back construction. (d) Durable and easy to store.

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STRONG & STRUDY: Flat Agility Hurdle is made from high-quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material which helps to maintain elasticity and toughness due to which the hurdles stay strong and do not break easily. It has an innovative, flexible flat built making it exceptionally critical for injury prevention and a better life. These hurdles are designed as light and sturdy as players often step, strip or stand on them.


Agility hurdles are great for athletes to enhance agility, speed, and coordination, build stamina and power and improve overall athletic performance. They are ideal for sports training drills in almost every sport including football soccer, track and field, basketball, Tennis, lacrosse, field hockey, and more.