Bumper Weight Lifting Plates

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  • FITSY WEIGHT PLATES SET- These iron weighing plates are made of heavy-duty cast iron, so that it is sure to hold up under a lot of resistance and duress. High-quality and long-lasting, each exercise weight plate weighs 7.5 kg. TOTAL WEIGHT - 7.5 KG X 2 = 15 KG. These weight discs can be used to perform muscle strengthening exercises and endurance training, or to increase flexibility and balance.
  • 1” CENTER HOLE : This standard rod plate set fits most 1-inch standard bars & dumbbell handles. These Iron plates are highly tough and durable for a wide range of resistance exercises as biceps curl, triceps extension, chest fly, or shoulder press. The diversity of these weight disc plates help you tone every muscle in your body, resulting in a total body workout.