Weight Lifting Plain Rod

Item Code : M72


(1) Size Available 3’ 4’ 5’ 3” 6’ 7’ (2) Thickness available 25mm 28mm 50mm.

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Item Codes

1ft WLB-001-25-A  1ft WLB-001-28-A  3ft WLB-001-50-A
1.2 ft WLB-001-25-B  1.2ft WLB-001-28-B  4ft WLB-001-50-B
3ft WLB-001-25-C    3ft WLB-001-28-C  5ft WLB-001-50-C
4f WLB-001-25-D  4ft WLB-001-28-D  6ft WLB-001-50-D
5ft WLB-001-25-E   5ft WLB-001-28-E  7ft WLB-001-50-E
6ft WLB-001-25-F  6ft WLB-001-28-F  
7ft WLB-001-25-G   7ft WLB-001-28-G  


  • Made with solid steel and finished with chrome.
  • Bars are chrome plated with solid steel construction for repeated use and long lasting.
  • Multiple knurling positions and lengths for your convenience and safety.
  • Build and engage muscle in your arms, shoulders, and back with the lifting bar. You’ll improve productivity and endurance while boosting metabolism from the energy increase you’ll gain with weight training.