Weight Gloves

Item Code : AB-610/A


(1) Soft Neoprene filled with weight. (2) Provides excellent fit. (3) Adjustable strap with velcro closure/holds weight in place. (4) Available in 400gm & 700gm.

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Comfortable & Easy Workout :-One piece with hollow out back again perforated microfiber with perfect breathability and freedom during the workout.

All Purpose Gloves :- Perfect fit for weight lifting, Pull up, Exercise, Fitness, Gym traning, and General workouts. Make the fitness watch more conveniently to do an exercise tracker exactly, when power lifting, Lifts, Snatches, Cross Training and more.

Humanize Design :- These gloves are made of Neoprene, which doesn’t spoil or damage under any circumstance and runs for a long period of time. Also, it is slightly elastic which makes it fit any hand easily. Neoprene is also breathable which makes all the sweat and moisture disappear. Best fit for summer or winter.